What is presence and what is not

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Presence is a term we use very often in the spiritual context. It seems trivial and straightforward. But if you inspect it closely, you may realize that it is not that trivial and straightforward, that it is prone to misconceptions, and above all, that it is very hard to describe and be guided into.

But when you are truly and ultimately in presence, an unexpected door immediately opens to the understanding of its nature. You realize then that presence is actually conscious awareness, awareness that is not automatic, awareness that is neither unconscious nor subconscious, one that does not sneak in the background. To those who have not been truly in presence, this description might sound strange or even wrong at first but this is the most accurate and simple description of presence.

Don't mistaken this description with those theories such as the one called Awareness Watching Awareness. These theories are talking about Awareness that is watching itself. That is, by the way, impossible, they are totally off track. Something cannot watch itself (see here if you want to know why) and Awareness is not a tangible object, it is a concept, and so how can it be watched?

Presence is not "being here and now" either. It is indeed being, but not here and now, it is pure being. Those two are frequently mistaken (If you want to know the difference see here, note there that the term "being present" is used as a synonym for "being here and now" not for "presence").

Presence can be deepened, it is not a singular state. Your presence will deepen as you go more levels of awareness. In other words, awareness of being aware of being aware and so on...

But you don't need to try to go through these levels by will. You will not succeed. This going to the next level will happen by itself when you are established enough in the present level.