What object to observe?

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There are numerous objects to observe in meditation, external and mainly internal - sounds, visions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, breath, fears, energies, inner body field... to name a few.

The question is: at a certain point of time, which object to observe? I looked for the answer for some time. Actually, in retrospective, I understand that it was my mind that was looking for the answer, trying again to play its tricks by introducing technical questions about meditation to distract me from doing meditation itself...

For example, let's assume that at a certain point, I am angry at someone and consequently I also feel frustrated that I am angry. Which of the emotions to observe? the anger or the frustration? Should I focus my observation on one of them only or alternate between them?

The answer I finally found is so simple and yet tremendously important to have a true efficient witnessing: observe the what is. Instead of trying to decide what to observe, release control and observe whatever right now is appearing in your now, like observing a theater show...

If it is the frustration that is now here, I observe frustration, if it is the envy that is currently more dominant, I observe the anger, whatever is here now, I observe it.

Consequently, after adopting this natural approach, I realized that the very witnessing in the now is far more important than the specific object I observe.

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Just what I was thinking this afternoon

You read my mind. :)

Quantum | Wed, 01/20/2010 - 05:11