What is it ,which is aware of experince duality and non duality

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Prior to appearance of the mind, there is neither the person not his experience of the world, it was non dual reality,which was identified by Buddha as emptiness or nothingness. Advitha Masters called it Brahman.recently they claim that science called it no self.

The no self or Brahman or emptiness is the true self, which is spirit. Spirit pervades the whole experience of duality as its invisible substence.

The prior to appearance of the mind or experience of duality the world and its perceiver were non-existent. Thus it is for the seeker to find out what is it that becomes mind or duality and no mind as non duality. That is dream and Waking are duality and deep sleep is non duality.

Since person and his experience of the world are with in the experience of duality. There must be something else which is aware of this dual and non dual state, which appears and disappears in succession.