What is Gods name?

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Is Krishna, Balarama, Radha, Buddha, Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahman, (names with the utmost highest regard, significance, importance, esteem, value, in any religion, spiritual tradition) ***- (any "fundamental particle-[-that the items, such as a book, or electronic devices, in which the letters/words are displayed on, that one can sense to visually see when reading, hear if audibly spoken,uttered, are comprised of, in the smallest sense, unless there is something smaller, could be the modes of nature (spiritual nature, or material nature) that is either smallest, or smaller than the fundamental particles or the modes of nature are the same size as the fundamental particles"], subatomic particle, atom, molecule, chemical compound, macromolecule, cell component, cell, [all the way to the universal all-encompassing perspective of all things which is God and all energies, at all times{eternally going back in time, leading up to the right now present moment, which will continue into the eternal future) at all places(-where God is personally located at, -the spiritual world, and -the material world) ~plus more than energy, forces, matter, consciousness might exist due to the infinitely infinite, incomprehensibility, of God~] for put the number of elements, parts, pieces, particles, components together and there are physical objects, such as pencils/pens, ink, paper, electronic devices, walls, stones, plastics, wood and perhaps other materials, in which such materials, objects are utilized to create the form[size, shape, the lines straight and curved] of the letters of the alphabet, symbols, characters,[what is used in any written language] a one single letter can be A word(only just one word), like the letter A can have/be A word, the word letter is a word is it not?, or no word or words can be derived from the letters(that the letter is not officially to be regarded as a word), there can be more than one word(such as two or more words) to be derived from just one single letter(one letter could indicate, suggest, refer to, more than one word), two or more letters can equal/become a word or words(the letters being at a distance from one another, whether most near or most far away), so is God's name more than just a word(perhaps God resides in the actual letter or word in and of itself, that actually there is no difference between the letters\words and God Godself), is there something different from "the name of God [which can be considered to be a word, since the name consists of a letter or letters, in which we know that letters utilized can create a word]" than names/words which are not considered to be the name of God, is all things God or is there a difference between God and all existing things/living entities? The answer is that God is all things in the ultimate primary sense but not in the sense less than an ultimate sense,or in a secondary sense, for certainly there are differences between God and all things considered to not actually be God due to the fact that one can conclude that there are some things that do not actually possess all the qualities of God, such as God's omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence) -*** actually the name of God? Why one name and not another name? A is not B, Z is not A. The name is, after all, a letter, or number of letters(symbols, characters, ). But the name of God may be more(bear more significance, be more of a blessing) than just the physical structure, geometrical shapes and sizes of the form of the letters. The number of the most smallest things(whether the most smallest things is considered to be God, or considered to be the spiritual energy, or considered to be the material energy) combined together to form the existence of atoms; The number of atoms put together to cause the existence of the letter/s, symbols, characters,(that which is the written part of any language that uses writing). The atoms can be divided into fundamental particles. To know the activity, behavior, properties, structures, functions, form, quality, conditions of such particles( the whole spectrum of the fundamental particles, subatomic particles, atomic particles, molecules, chemical compounds) are they all pervasive,or localized, do they move,or are they static or stationary, are they at a certain temperature(the hottest possible, somewhere in the middle, the coldest possible temperature), do they have color(like black, blue, red, white, yellow or a mixture of the primary colors), are they bright or dark, do they have taste, do they have odor, are they in a gaseous, liquid, solid state,(is there other factors?)?
The reality of God just is, God exists, whether one believes or not, gravity pulls things down, whether believe or not. One can choose to not believe in God. One can choose to not believe in anything. What is belief? The truth of the reality remains to be truth of the reality whether believe or not. The energies are just the energies. There is the spiritual energy(the compatible energy for the spiritual souls, ones perfection is in the spiritual energy, to be a spiritual eternally immortal living ever blissful, serene, positive ever wise right doing body, a surrendered pure devotee of the Supreme Lord, possessing all the qualities of a pure
spiritual devotee),[the suble body consists of the ego, mind, & intelligence) there is the intelligence aspect which is positioned where it is(Where is intelligence located at?) whether most close to or most farthest from the consciousness of the soul, the mind energy(the thinking, feeling, willing aspect of ones being, the physical manifestation of reality is another aspect; consciousness is the function of the soul, desire is a function of consciousness, the desire causes ones mind to exist(for if one doesn't want a mind the one won't have a mind), the mind causes the physical body, the parents generate the physical body for the free will life to reside in due to deserving such a body, according to ones obedience/disobedience to the Supreme Person) ones being is a number of aspects combined, there are a number of layers of ones entire being, unless ones being is only one thing, then why should it be considered to be just an aspect, true one whole thing can be considered to be just one aspect, an aspect is a specific thing, so ones being can be one specific thing or ones whole being can consist of more than one specific thing), the material energy(the energy that is meant for the rebellious sinful/offensive wrong doers), the marginal energy(the free individual living spiritual soul/entities), there is God who causes all of such energy to exist. All that exists can only exist as long as God wills/allows/permits any that exists to exist. For what are things? What is any physical object?
God is God no matter what name(letter, symbol, created form of something, and combining of letters, symbols, forms, or more than one thing, a number of things that each thing of the entire thing counts towards referring to something) a person uses to refer to God.
Actually any/every word means the Lord in that all things can only derive existence from only God. Yet the infinitesimal souls don't have the absolute ultimate supreme authority but God does, so there is a difference in authority between God and that which doesn't have all the qualities of God. God -the knower of all things-is the One that one should learn from. What God teaches is final, is the best, makes most sense, is how something should be actually understood, and not necessarily the minute souls knows what is most recommended, best to know, understand.
The spiritual energy is real, from what source is the spiritual energy emanating from? It's like the Lord desires us know God exists through the outpouring of the holy spiritual energy which is the internal potency. Some believe, know for sure God exists whether spiritually anointed or not receiving the gift of the holy Spirit. Essentially everything is spiritual, one is already a spiritual being but can be contaminated by the illusory energy or the material energy due to misuse of ones minute independence or free will activities/choices. However, what is the meaning of true love if one is not free to act, free to choose, choosing, desiring to do the right thing which is God's will or to be engaged in the devotional service of the Lord or to act, to choose contrary to the will of the Lord. Ever noticed that there are some lives suffering miserable experiences such as being diseased, or dying, is this supposed to be the way it should be, is this normal, can such suffering be avoided? Yes if obey the Lord, or follow the divine instructions, which is the correct usage of ones free will.
Why does one use the letters such as the letters G o d to refer to the Supreme Person, one can use any combination of letters or just one letter to refer to the factual existence of the Supreme Person Who actually exists. Why would the using of certain letters mean, indicate, refer to the Supreme Personality of Godhead while other words don't. God is the topmost supreme authority, not the infinitesimal souls, God makes the laws, the rules, the regulations, since God knows all things(like knows every detail of all points/places at all times throughout eternity), will always know more than the infinitesimal limited souls. God can convey to a infinitesimal living entities all that the living entities must needs know about. If the souls learn from God, the souls will know enough or all that is needed to know. For the forms, formless existence, qualities, conditions are the way it is due to the activities being done, are being done right now. Each person is essentially an actor, one has no choice, one must act as if by force ever since free will exists in the living entities. So knowledge will help to act correctly. Knowledge of the way out of the maze will help one to do such actions that get one out of the maze.
God made life in such a way that everyone can be, stay or become most happiest, pleased, satisfied, joyful, not suffering.
Is it necessary to know God's name? Even if God exists why ought one, living in this day and age know what God's name is. Should one chant God's name? What happens as a result of chanting God's names? Will it always be necessary to chant God's name or in the future the activities will be other than chanting God's names?
Essentially everything, every word means God, but does that mean everything is the same quality, now God being the ultimate authority God ultimately determines what is what, God allows one to be as free as one is to do what one does, God determines the laws for God knows what is best, knows what is the most recommended activity that anyone oughta do, for when guided by God one is taking guidance from one who can/does pervade all existence. God determines what energy is to exist, God is the ultimate controller of all things and not the finite living entities. The living entities are subject to getting it wrong while God will never eternally do wrong, there is no possibility that God will rebel, forsake righteousness, holiness.
Things are essentially God, how can that be. God can easily most instantaneously eliminate everything that exists except Godself, so in a sense God still remains while everything else is eliminated from existence, therefore it is just God existing. But will God eliminate everything besides Godself. Perhaps not, if we can't comprehend eternity then we may never know if some time or other in the future that we will be eliminated from existence, its ultimately in the control of God what God will just do.
There are a number of letters, symbols, characters, emojis, (a particle[the most smallest thing] or number of particles connected together or interrelated to one another causing there to be a whole form that are part of the written languages. For can not the letters be broken down into something smaller. So are not things bigger than the smallest particles composed of those smallest particles. There are a number of written languages. There are languages that don't use writing, that are spoken, or not spoken/written languages like sign language or body language. There is us, the souls, some souls in the subtle bodies, some souls in the subtle bodies which are in the physical bodies. There are a number of physical bodies of all the various species of life. The physical bodies are made of elements. There is the 5 gross elements and the around 118 chemical elements. Ether, air, fire, water, earth are the 5 gross elements. Mind, intelligence, true or false ego is of subtle body. One is a soul, the soul is spiritual energy, but also the soul is free to act, to choose,(God permits the souls to be at liberty to do what God would prefer us to do or not do that which God prefers us to do) so the soul might not always do what is right, good, for because one is free, there is always the potential of disobeying the Lord.
Even if we figure out what the name of God actually is what in all do we do with having knowledge of what God's name actually is? One can write down God's name, say/chant God's name, inform others about what God's name is. Each and every letter that make up the name of God, in the particular order of letter(s is to be regarded as significant. For God is the ultimate highest greatest topmost reality, beyond all other finite realities that exists and those finite realities can only exist if or when God wills, desires, wants it to officially exist.
Two persons chanting God's name, one person may be more beneficial(perhaps due to being more spiritual than the other) than the other person, or there is equal benefit. One person may be less contaminated, more spiritual or obedient than another person.
There isn't any difference between God's name and God Himself. God is the male principle of existence, everything that is not God is the female principle of existence. The male principle of existence is within God's name due to there being no difference between God and His name. Perhaps according to the location one is at in any place in existence God will be a certain topmost name that is the most suitable or best appropriate name for the particular location one is situated at. Like the principal name of God is a different name than at another different universe locality. Perhaps there are new letters, letters sounds awaiting to be learned at a future time. The living being can only express, communicate, voice, with the parts employed in expressing, communicating, using the power of speech, so many letter sounds. The English language has 26 letters. Are there other languages that have more than 26 letters and letter sounds? Sanskrit has about 49 or 50 letters, some of those letters may be combinations of the letter sounds from English, so there really isn't any new letter sounds. As the letter sounds are being vocalized, there is created a certain vibration.