What is God according to me

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What is God according to me?
In beginning We all were one with God.(Oneness)

Actually, in the beginning YOU created a game for yourself to play, but before stepping into that game there was a question in YOUR mind.

Q: How can such a game give true enjoyment until you may forget you are the creator of this game ? Thus.. you turned this game into an illusory game, Which means that you will forget everything, your power, your rank, your place, your status, after jumping into that game.

But again an another new question got arise, Q: As You will forget everything about yourself after jumping into that game, than who will pull you out when you will get tired after playing a lot ? Thus, by giving all of yours powers you created a CLONE of yourself and gave him the duty to pull you out.

Now, asked the clone; Sir, how will i come to know that you are really tired of this game ? YOU said; when i'll cry and beg in front of you to take me out of this game like as you created me, rather than i created you.

Finally by saying this YOU jumped into that game. The whole world which you can see all around you is that Game. GOD is that CLONE.

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This is just another

This is just another non-validated speculation. Cannot regard it much more than just a mere ferry tale. You supply no evidence nor clues to support your arguments. With the same validity I can say that in the beginning we were NOT one with God and that God is the one who created this game and he is a cucumber.

happy together | Tue, 08/05/2014 - 05:27
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Evidence ?

Evidence ?
All that you said above is just the part of the Game. You can only know reality when you will come out of this Game.

Until then, enjoy the Game with whatever means you want to enjoy it :)

jasdir singh jaura | Tue, 08/05/2014 - 06:45