What is Ego

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I think there is a fair bit of confusion around the word Ego. What does is mean and is it indispensable or what is its cause? We are not only trying to enquire about the Ego from a spiritual perspective but the very nature of it. This is not to say the meaning we give in everyday usage like he has a big Ego. Depending on the situation, say when a person encounters someone below his rank he assumes a big Ego and the very same person supplicates before his boss or curries favour from persons in position of power.

To me Ego is nothing but self image which is to say it is a perception of oneself. It acts out of conditioning for maximising and preserving one’s self interest. This sense of one’s identity relies heavily on "I am the body idea". Senses therefore are its chief emissary and Ego like a tyrant keeps its holds on them. It usurps the energy for its own agenda.

On the other hand when sense of Identity is not primarily the "I am the body idea"; Ego could undertake to defend things like honour and prestige or name and fame. Such an Ego is supposed to be refined but is still based on "Identification" and "self image".