What can you do for me?

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I went to a hypnotist and asked "what can you do for me?"
He said "I can make you think you are any form you could Imagine". Sounds intresting I said, "what's the catch? there's always a catch!
Well he said "It might take you awhile to realise you are not really that form and Quite awhile to wake up from the Dream.
Hmmm? what happens if I don't wake up?
OH,don't worry about that he said,"you always wake up, it just takes time".
Hmmm? O.K I'll give it a go.
So MR. EGO the hypnotist put me into my dream.
The funny thing is I didn't realise that All of you knew Him as well! Dreams are funny you never know who you'll have in them!!!!

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It is possible also that the hypnotist stuff was the dream

Unless all this hypnotist stuff was a dream itself and you are not imagining that you are this.

No matter how much we wish that the Advaita stuff is true, we must be honest with ourselves and always remember that it is a hypothesis and it might be that the form-based reality is true. Without admitting this possibility, our faith and intuition regarding non duality or any other metaphisical alternative cannot be sincere.

lilian | Mon, 01/02/2012 - 21:44