What are women's first motives for travelling alone?

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I think the first intention of a woman when she decides to travel alone for the first time is headiness and assertion of her independence in her life. Living in controlled environment and cultivated like a bacteria unlike men, women sees solo travelling as a way to vent out her inner bird ready to fly. They love to relish every single moment they spend in solitude, without their family or personal relationships holding them back. It's a breath of air every woman yearns for in life.

Another which I relate to at a personal level, is reincarnation. A renaissance to leave the past behind and move to future. You must have seen gazillion of sites advising to go for a vacation after a breakup. Why is it that so? Because it gives you a new perspective, experience; and most importantly teaches you that the world is beyond the past which we hold upon.
Remember this movie 'Queen'? What I saw through the whole movie is a ragdoll who was thrown about by her fiance transform into this assertive woman who let go of her past self and embraced her new incarnation. She became a 'Queen' from 'Rani' (Hindi translation of 'Queen')

And third may be just to unwind after a long hectic schedule, or to satiate the travel freak within her. Mountains, rivers, forests or deserts: You just want to break the shackles of daily routine and enjoy alone without your spouse/partner/family nagging behind you. It's just your own girl time: relishing the drops of freedom before you come back to the same boredom.