What Are People Saying About New Book Selfless Self: Talks with Shri Ramakant Maharaj?

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This new book on 'How to Self-Realise' reads like an unputdownable mystery novel. Selfless Self which contains the undiluted teachings of Shri Ramakant Maharaj, has readers spellbound with its depth and clarity. There is an addictive quality in the reading of this book which reveals the mystery of our existence, and narrates what the Master calls 'Our Story', in simple down-to-earth language that reads like a fascinating novel. As the reader turns the pages, he is driven more and more to unravel the secret of who he is, and what his life is all about.

This spiritual and self-empowering book stands out from others because it contains “Spontaneous Direct Knowledge” which has emanated from a rare Self-Realized Master. It is not therefore just another book of intellectual knowledge, which Maharaj calls “body-knowledge”, but contains knowledge from the “Stateless State” that is prior to bodily existence, from the very Source.

Alan Jacobs, President of Ramana Foundation, UK, recently awarded it five stars on Amazon: “Ann Shaw has done truly remarkable work in editing this great spiritually encyclopaedic work recording the Teachings of the Self Realised Sage and Jnani, Shri Ramakant Maharaj, successor to the esteemed Jnani Nisargadatta Maharaj. In over 500 pages Sri Ramakant explores every aspect of the necessary Spiritual Practices or Sadhanas, which are needed for the ardent aspirant to achieve Self Realisation.

In this important book questions are put to the Sage and then lucid answers are given which are precisely appropriate to the question. In this book the earnest aspirant will surely find the question and answer appropriate to his or her need. In reading the whole book he or she will find all that is essential for him or her to form their own synthesis, and proceed on their great journey towards Enlightenment. This is truly a great book and a worthy successor to the much celebrated 'I AM THAT' written by Shri Ramakant's own Master, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj”.

“Selfless Self is very powerful. I feel it more powerful than I Am That. How special this book is”, said one aspirant from Korea, while another from Holland, had this to say: “I am wonderfully surprised that after reading so many books of wisdom, this book is so intensely radiating clarity that is truly unparallelled”.

Chapter One states “You are already Realized, you just don't know it”. The following 500 pages shows you “How To Know!” The eternal mystery (of Who am I, Where do I come from and Why am I here?) is finally solved.

Selfless Self is available from Amazon, Watkins bookstore and Ramakant Maharaj websites: