What am I?

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"Who Am I?" or "What am I?" are questions that have been recommended to be asked throughout the ages. Self-enquiry has been suggested by just about every spiritual teacher who ever existed.

It is said that there is no answer to the question, but really there is no answer in words. The wordless answer is ever present, always with us, and it is so obvious that we overlook it.

What is the answer? You know already. It is that which is most intimate, most familiar, nearest to our hearts. Can you guess what it is?

It is, very simply, this here-now-ness that we always are.

This very simple sense of Presence. Only, we are interested in everything but This. Because of that, we overlook what we are, and go searching for answers outside ourselves - outside our real nature.

This is our essence, our nature, our soul (if you will). You are here, you are now. Value your Self... that is all.

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How about "where am

How about "where am I"?
"Am I"?

SriSriYogiBaba | Sat, 08/23/2008 - 17:33