What is 'Sankalp'?

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To understand ‘Siddha Sadhana’, we must know the world ‘Sankalp’, which is very important in ‘Swami Hardas Life System’. The string of Swami Hardas Life System is ‘Sankalp’, which has been developed after detailed study of all the four Veda by Dr Swami Hardas.

The ‘Sankalp’ is a word or phrase, which indicates the intention of a person for fulfilling a particular purpose. However, the ‘Sankalp’ or intention of fulfilling a purpose should be Satwik (pure, good), which is repeated 03 times during the practice of various methods available in Swami Hardas Life System because the natural law of this System is non-violence, ahimsa and non-harming.

The need of a particular ‘Sankalp’ is constructed based on the intention to achieve or fulfillment of the purpose. The ‘Sankalp’ can concern anything in your life that you would like to achieve. However, as it concerns your life’s purpose, it should suit your or other’s true nature, which can only be set by you. The idea of your ‘Sankalp’ should be pious, rewarding and giving you immense pleasure and satisfaction. The ‘Sankalp’ in prevailing methods are restricted to self but it has wide range in Swami Hardas Life System, which can also be used for fulfilling other’s purpose selflessly.

The ‘Sankalp’ in Swami Hardas Life System are especially developed by Dr Swami Hardas, which can be used for achieving and or imparting health, peace, progress, fulfilling good wishes, de-addiction, successfully completing education, getting employment, solving any problem in the life e.g. court case, financial – debt, loan etc, business related problems, Vaastu related problems, agriculture related problems, removing ill effects of negative energy, removing obstacles on the way of progress, removing obstacles on the way of spiritual development thus making own and other’s life glorious and realize ‘Aatmananda’.

The methods of use of various ‘Sankalp’ are required to be learnt means one has to undergo training of any of the methods of Swami Hardas Life System, which hardly need couple of hours and one becomes independent to achieve and or impart above mentioned benefits without money and medicines.

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