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Hi there and welcome to my new blog.

it's been quite a while that I was thinking about starting to write about spiritual issues in English and maybe the time had come.

my English is far from being perfect but I hope we can get over that. just pay extra attention to places where I might be making grammar mistakes or improvising in order to deliver my message. always try to get to the meaning of what I try to say more than to the way I say it.

I would like to talk here about all and everything...
for all things are attached and together derives from the One source of this creation.

feel free to raise questions about anything on your mind and/or soul. from regular dayly matters to wonders about the meaning of Life Love and Existance.
Self inquiring exploring and improving is the main virtue of a spiritual seeker and any other sincere person.

I'm not here to give answers or Guru like talk to anybody
but will love to share with anyone with my experience and point of view on stuff.

my rule is that there are no rules
everything goes from sticky lovey dovey to brotal debates.
be true and say what's on your mind...I will do the same.

if you want my opinion about something, post it as a reply to any of my posts and if I have something significant to say about or find it proper for an open conversation I'll open it as a new blog post.

The truth is releasing
and can't be faked
seek it...and it'll find you.

Always with Love

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A pleasure

Are you out of your mind? You English is superb! Truly!

I like the fluent tone - it sounds sincere and therefore I am waiting impatiently to read your stuff.

I see that you are from Israel - Are you, by chance, familiar with teachings of a teacher called Shlomo Kalo? Have you read something of him?

neo | Fri, 06/19/2009 - 14:35
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Hi Neo

Thanks for the warm welcome bro :)

I read once one of Kalo's books which called (free translation) "The absolute free will's gospel".
it is one of the craziest books I ever read in my life...and I love it so very much...although I'm sure that most of the people can't understand a thing of it, and maybe this is even what the book is all about.

it's about some prophet that travels from place to place and meet many kinds of cultures, from brutal beasty ones to educated and develeoped ones and to all of them he has one clear and direct message...You do not exist. understand that and you'll recieve the gospel of the absolute free will.
Obviously...none can accept his gospel and it is sometimes hillarious.
quite brilliant :)

Equilibs | Fri, 06/19/2009 - 22:04