We will not know what gifts await us until we walk the path..

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IT was near sunset when I went for a walk along the mowed path in the field. I normally do not take the camera, but I felt compelled to. I came upon this faun laying in the path. It was not very old. I reached down and stroked it's head gently and lovingly and I knew in that Auspicious moment, an answer had been given me. It was far more than just an answer to a question. It was a deepening of an understanding that can not be put into thoughts and words, but also some healing of old wounds.
In the past few weeks, I have been like a pool of murky water that has now become crystal clear and the sun's rays are reaching the depth of every nook and cranny.... "♪....♪♪...just..... open up your heart...and ...let....the...Sunshine in....♫♪...♫..♪♪"