We’re going to Disney World! A Guide to Practical Spirituality.

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I am all about making the complicated simple. My life shifted when I realized that my mind loves to complicate things. It was just programmed that way. Early on in childhood, to feel special and rewarded, I liked to solve complicated problems. My mind, being the powerful tool that it is, makes everything complicated, so I experience the high of feeling special and rewarded. Yet seeking the next high is what keeps me from experiencing what I really want. And that is precisely why so many spiritual seekers are not experiencing the very thing spirituality promises: Freedom.

The spiritual journey leads to Freedom. Think of freedom as the destination. So for the sake of making the complicated simple, I’ll use the analogy that I-75 leads to Disney World. Think of your spiritual journey as the trip on I-75 and Freedom as Disney World. Simple, right? What keeps folks, going round and round, on the spiritual journey and not reaching the destination – Freedom – is simple: the mind is busy complicating the journey.

The mind loves to plan the trip. Left to its own devices it will spend years planning and preparing for this very special trip. It will look for the best form of transportation and the best deal, even if you have to postpone the trip until that extra-super-duper 50% off discount is available on the Leap Year that ends in 29. And you have to have the right attire, and the perfect matching set of luggage. Oh, and the perfect hotel, just outside of Disney World, so you can really save the big bucks. Nevermind that what your heart really desires is to get to Disney World! Get the picture?

Practical spirituality is like the travel agent who has the experience to guide you to your destination. Sure, it takes time, but with some basic information, and earnest determination, you can get to Disney from, Atlanta (where I live), in seven hours. Think of it! You could leave Atlanta in the morning and have afternoon tea with Mickey. Applying the practical side of spirituality to your life is the same. You can experience Freedom today. Are you ready for a life changing tip? Here’s all you have to do: stop judging. Yes, you read correctly. Stop judging yourself and others, and your mind will get so quiet, you’ll be able to feel the most incredible and priceless thing we are all meant to feel: Freedom!

If you like shortcuts, in order to spend more time at your desired destination, then sit back, relax, and look for my future articles. I’ll provide you with simple, practical and easy to use ideas that will have you feeling Freedom in no time. In the mean time, I’ll give your regards to Mickey!

Your Guide to Practical Spirituality

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Great essay

Great essay, great allegory, you use simple tone and wording as well which reflects the simplicity you are talking about.

I assume I-75 is a name of a highway that leads to Orlando?

How do you define freedom? Freedom from what?

And what is practical spirituality? What makes it practical? Isn't the practicality turns spirituality into yet another New Age tool, a means for a purpose?

lilian | Thu, 01/14/2010 - 09:07