We All Have a Mission in LIfe

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While working with William LePar's lecture Cornerstones to Spirituality I came across this information which I would like to share with you.

When we’ve reached the end of our rope and we can’t take another step forward and when life seems to us as though we have no purpose left in it then this is a great opportunity if we’ll only see it. It’s the opportunity to start over again and turn around or turn over a new page in our life whether it’s yesterday, today, or tomorrow. We all have a mission in life. We all have a purpose in life and we must realize that only you can fulfill your mission in life. You are so unique that there is only one of you. There never has been another person like you. There never will be another person like you. You can’t be replaced by a thousand people. If you were to decide right at this moment to lock yourself in a closet and avoid life for the rest of your natural life I could not, no matter how hard I try, fulfill one second of your life in an effort to replace what you could offer life. You have the unique opportunity to be able to share yourself with others. I can’t do it for you. Nobody else can; nobody else on the face of the earth can share you with others. Only you have that ability. You have something that only you as a unique individual can give to others.

Did you ever stop to think that you might be an extremely vital experience in a person’s life? The very fact that they are introduced to you and you can exchange a few words. That may be an experience that is extremely vital at some point in time in that other person’s life. Oh, you don’t have to spout great wisdoms but as an individual you must become involved in life. You must be willing to become a shepherd of people by becoming a teacher, a helper, a listener. You must be willing to give others the opportunity to gain in life. You must be willing to become like a networking agent that helps others to better themselves. Regardless of how many words of wisdom or holy words you may have read in your life, regardless of how many you can spout from memory, what good are they to you if you cannot take those very words, those thoughts, those concepts and make them a part of your life so that you yourself act upon those words and live your life in accordance to that wisdom.

The trials of our life are lessons that we’ve failed to learn in the past. They are the ghosts that come back to revisit us. Although we have made faulty decisions in the past we now have the opportunity to make better decisions and escape all pain previous choices have brought to our door. Our life is a journey. It’s good to know that there’s always an end to every journey. We must remember that it is the journey that really counts in the end. Our efforts to achieve a God awareness or God self or Christ consciousness is a journey that we make, not a destination. Yesterday is nothing more than today’s memories. Tomorrow is the dreams of today. I’d like to take this time to close with this final sentence. Tomorrow is composed of the dreams of today. Today let us all begin to dream of a God consciousness.

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Thank you David for the post!

Although William LePar is not alive...But his work on Spirituality is undoubtedly magnificent. He analysed each subtle aspect of Life so briliantly.

I can sense... Awareness of his Consciousness.

I missed a great chance of direct interaction...when he was verymuch alive.

bonya basu | Sun, 07/01/2012 - 07:46