Way to realisation

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In my earlier topic, i discussed about Primary and secondary statements.
The question is what kind of Sadhana you had done. How many numbers,time, type etc. of
Nama japa; Pranayama, Meditation or Awakening of Kundalini etc.you had done to Know that you are-
1. Human Being;
2. Male or Female;
3. Citizen of a particular Country;
4. etc....
You did not sit for hours, days, years together repeating these things. You did not say while meditating that you are not an animal, you are not a bird, you are not a reptile, you are not an insect, you are not an acqu creature etc. and that you are human being; male or female etc.
Someone told you these things and you accepted it.
Similarly When MahaVakya's are explained to you by your Guru or Scriptures, you have to only understand and accept it as truth with full conviction and act accordingly.
Where is the need for going on repeating like parrot these words and spend hours together for ages. Realisation is much faster in this method. Chice is Yours.

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The strength of japa

First, japa works magnificently and that what counts.

I think the reason is as always - countering the repetitive reaction pattern of the mind with repetitive counter action. That simple. When you are in Rome, behave as a roman.

divine intervention | Tue, 10/06/2009 - 22:47