The way of head & heart in Gyan Marg

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I feel that there are two different approaches that are adopted by two distinct types in following the path of self knowledge. I say this very tentatively as all generalizations are prone to error. These two types are the following the way of the mind & the other that of heart. The later is called the way of intuitive knowledge.

The first relies heavily on mental observation and detailed analysis and using all the logical proof. This is something more than dry logic as the person involved is devoted to the task and relies on observation that is available to a pure mind not dulled by sense pleasure or given to conditioning or prejudice. These are drawn to the theory of maya or the annata which are the advaitic and Buddhist concepts.

The people following the way of the heart do not go for mental analysis but favour a devotional focus on the subjective self awareness (feeling!). Such a focus has a result of turning the outgoing activity of mind inwards. This immediately results in lessor identification with mind ( thought & feeling) and bodily sensation. This purification automatically brings about a different level of understanding corresponding to the development.