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anhad yoga is the best way to solve it the spiritual way is based on a simple understanding if we practiced on anhad yog than we realize that the gurus who showed us this path were the greatest wealth most valuable treasures of us and to be honored above all but the condition is that we need for the satguru himself or herself was not in doubt
by the help of anhad yog we should aware our self anhad yog is worship or prayer watching your breath is anhad yog when the mind is free of our bad thoughts than closed your eyes to very deep and an experience of god search of god in our self with regular practice we can feel real peace of mind by anhad yog g ...........it can only improve the you are living and providing us mental and physical tensions and we can live our life in positive way thus grant your attention to receive the gurus grace
so i personally thought this is real guru whom i want who always ready to serve people

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On what do you base your

On what do you base your claim that anhad yoga is the best way?

solo | Thu, 09/20/2012 - 13:23