The Way

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Q. You said yesterday that Truth is knowable and there is a ‘Way’ to it. What is it?

A. We must begin from the beginning.

Q. I couldn't understand, the question I am asking is fallout of your post?

A. Yes, but what made you interested in the post?

Q. That would be infinite regress for you will then ask me what the cause of the cause of my interest in the post?

A. Yes you appear to be right logically but there is a difference you have not noticed.

Q. What is the difference?

A. You must try to see it for yourself.

Q. Well, I can’t though I tried hard. Please do tell me.

A. It is good to start with oneself rather than attribute things to an outside agency though it may be difficult to arrive at the first cause logically. Hence I wanted to begin with the question, what made you take interest in the previous post and ask about the way?

Q. Well, I have been sort of interested in these things for some time now.

A. Very well, this is the seed that is the beginning and the way ie your wish to enquire coming from something that is ‘Real’ in you.

Q This is enigmatic and there are a couple of things like "‘Real’ in you" that I don’t understand?

A. Well, the means and the end cannot be different. The tree is contained in the seed and the latter being the primary cause. As for the rest maybe sometime later we could talk again.