Watch your skepticism when you invastigate your pension plan

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Investigating a pension plan is a tedious and analytically-challenging task if you are not an insurance savvy.

Only few really understand the complex terms and calculations that are at the bottom of these contracts.

And as if it is not hard enough, a tremendous stress is accompanying the task, being terrified by the thought that you may be left penniless and homeless when you are too old to work and earn your living.

I've never met a single person who has not experienced this stress when handling his/her pension plan.


There is a ray of light in all this stuff: you can use this opportunity to strengthen your awareness.

The existential stress triggered by the dealing with the pension plan is exceptionally strong. If you are attentive then, you will notice that underneath the tremendous stress lies tremendous skepticism. Suddenly, when it is a case of a earthy task and not a formal spiritual matter, you happen to forget your faith and trust completely, the "I" switches instantly to a secular, skeptical, decided frightened dude. The horror is unbreakable.

Watch this frightened dude, watch the sudden skepticism underlying your stress. Do not resist it, just watch it in action and be amused.


If you don't have a pension plan because you can't afford it, you may feel the same stress when thinking about old age. Do the same thing when you feel this stress: watch it and watch the underlying skepticism that gives rise to the stress.


If you are one of rare ones who possess constant trust and faith that do not let any existential stress to come up then you are a lucky one! Cherish this!

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Fear casts out any faith

I can relate to that. If you watch your considerations when deciding about money and the future, you see that they are completely secular as if your future is dictated by mere formulas, as if there is nothing beyond. I've seen it in myself, I've seen it in very religious and spiritual people. This is another consequence of the fact that we are not one consistent "I".

This does not mean that based on your faith you should neglect your future and financial state. It means that you need to be responsible but this responsibility must lie on a foundation of trust and not on a foundation of paranoya (which is an indication of skepticism) - in other words, even if you believe in God, you still need to feed your horse...

sisi | Fri, 04/16/2010 - 06:51
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The remedy - regard the whole thing as a joyful game

Yes, when we inspect anything financial that has direct influence on our personal future, we narrow our perspectives to this thing (eliminating spirituality, positivity, God), consequently we loose proportions and from there the way is short to great worry and stress.

In other words, we regard the whole matter in a too "serious manner". Miserable grownups that lost proportions.

The effective solution I found to this is to bring joyfulness and childishness to the whole matter, to reduce a bit "responsibility" (as we see it, it is not truly responsibility, how a counterproductive and ignorant attitude be responsible?). Care less. Open the folder and inspect the papers of the plan or the bill from your bank that shows your overdraft in a more playful manner. It doesn't mean that you ignore your problems - it just means that between being in panic and thus incompetent to deal wisely with the situation on one side and being careless on the other side there are grey hues.

Regard your pension plan in a more light joyful manner, it is possible, it is all your attitude that shapes things.

zoya | Fri, 04/16/2010 - 12:01