watch your photograph !

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watch yourself in aphotograph in which you are engaged interacting with the people around or involved in your surrounding.your focus of attention will be naturaly at yourself. You will like to appreciate your presence. Do something more. Try to remember what you were actualy doing or thinking or listening at that particular time of photograph. What was the sequence, what happened next. Looking into the photograph try to visualize yourself in action of that moment. Deep inside you will find that still photograph turning into a video movie. Are you looking at yourself ? No. At this pzrticular moment you are here watching the video of yours whereas you are in action at this same moment in the photograph. Dont confuse that it is past playing in your memory. Yes, it happened in past but now and here it is again happening at this moment. That's why you are enjoying looking into the photograph. There are two identities working together for a purpose or a cause. Try to understand who is looking at whom. Meditate over it. Try this technique and see the result. Dont try a video. It will disturb your concentration. Post your comments.

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Excellent exercise!

It has a strong impact. And well instructed.

kaput | Thu, 03/11/2010 - 08:32