Was Fido Always Man's Best Friend?

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The Council: Now, man today on the face of his earth has proof that an animal can be understanding, can be protective, can realize the weaknesses of man and come to man's aid. It amazes us how animals can recognize a human in need or a human in danger and come to that human’s aid, and yet brothers, men, cannot do the same thing.
Questioner: I was wondering, in terms of thinking ability, what is the most advanced animal on the earth right now? Some of us have been led to believe by movies we have seen and things we have read that it is the dolphin.
The Council: It is. Possibly one of the most loving animals that you have. It is quite capable of understanding man, more so than man could even imagine. They have, if we may use such a term, a natural affinity to man, a natural attraction to man. They have saved many, many more lives than just one, and sad to say at the cost of their own.
Questioner: When they die, their spiritual essence goes back to the stockpile?
The Council: Yes.
Questioner: So would a new dolphin or an animal advanced like that, specifically that one, comes back into the physical, what gives the direction to that essence to be at that level again?
The Council: When a segment of that general stockpile of essence that is allocated for animal life, there are different levels in there. We originally simply said that it was a mass or one lump, but there are different levels, and as a dolphin ceases to exist, that spark of life or soul or whatever you wish to call it will return to that same level that it originated from. Now, if a dolphin saves a man's life and that man then recalls that animal, it adds an individuality to that little segment of life or that particular portion of energy and will also be able to add a uniqueness to it that that individual can recall after he leaves the earth plane. Do you understand?
Questioner: Yes.
The Council: The same as a common house friend or a house pet. Do you understand?
Questioner: Yes, yes.
The Council: There is a slight difference though. That animal then because initially along its chain of evolvement, it was initially helped by man. So that essence then that represents that particular species has a uniqueness to it because of what its relationship was to man in the very beginning. So that segment or that level then that the dolphin comes from has been developed in the very early, early times. Do you understand?
Questioner: Yes, it would be sort of similar to how man helped the small horse-type animals by giving it some protection. Man did something decent and good and godly for that essence that was the dolphin.
The Council: Yes, but the dolphin originally was an animal that you do not recognize today, you do not have today. And there was a unique relationship between that animal and early, early man, when man was still virtually a babe in relationship to his nature today, the grossness of his nature today. So there was a bond there, a love there, that cannot be understood in your minds today. You barely have the ability to love one another as your actions show. So it would be quite hard to explain the bond or the love that existed between the spirits or man, the souls, human souls, and that segment that you now have as a dolphin.
Questioner: Was that animal even back then that we do not have today that was the dolphin, was that animal a creature of the sea?
The Council: It was a creature of the land that had been nurtured and developed and cared for particularly by the early souls and there was a bond there, and then as man became, how shall we put it, more vicious and that negativity then began to bleed over into the animals, that essence, that animal then was not able to cope with that much negativity, and it became easy prey then for many other animals and by man. Luckily its reproductive ability was quite, how shall we put it, was very good so that there was more than an abundance of these animals, and they gradually fled to the sea then. Now, they did not jump off the land and start swimming in the water. They moved to the swampy areas and gradually, because of the terrain, they evolved then into an animal that would be more easily adaptable to swamp, and then finally it went further and further until now it is able to live in the water completely and only return to the surface for air. It has no facilities to actually live out of the water; it cannot tolerate living out of the water even though it is a mammal, an air-breathing mammal. So, it fled man and his negativity. It fled the negativity of the surface life for a more serene world, yet it still remembers the goodness of man. Now, give your domesticated horse maybe another five million years and you could have a pretty good buddy there.
Questioner: Well, we already have one in the sea and we hardly know it.
The Council: Well, if it would not be for, well, let us put it in a more positive way. If your scientists were to look a little more positively on the animal world, they would recognize that there are some animals that are quite unique, quite unique. Very well.
Questioner: May I just ask where the whale and its brain and its intelligence stands in this scale compared to the dolphin?
The Council: It is not quite as exercised as the dolphin is. Do you understand what we mean by that?
Questioner: I believe.
The Council: It has a degree of relationship, not equal to the dolphin, but it does have a degree of relationship to man and particularly the large blue whale. That particular relationship does not run along the same lines as the dolphin, but there is a certain affinity between that particular species of whale and man. But it would be hard to make a comparison because, first of all, the difference in size. It would be somewhat hard to get chummy-chummy with an animal that big.

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