WARNING: “Understanding” Insanity

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WARNING: The ONLY purpose for these words
is to help those diagnosed with “Insanity”
to “understand” their insanity.
For everyone else these words are pure poison. So the WARNING:
For the mental health of society, and civilization in general,
If you consider yourself as “Sane” then
because if they start making sense
it will be not just insanity, but far worse: Global Insanity.

Derealization is literally every type of mental illness imaginable – from the cloud-9 heights of hysterical mania to the unimaginable depths of so-called “Clinical Depression.”

Derealization is just the “Hindu” Kundalini, alias Self, that is different dilutions and dynamics of body-melting waves of so-called “bliss” -- that to most appears as a derealizing terror.
Kundalini can also be a “nothing is real” Laughter that sometimes is
an unimaginable universe-vanishing explosion of “derealization”
that only the Universe's Big Bang,
or the unimaginable forces around a Black Hole
can duplicate with dynamics.

Lots, like millions and millions, of people, especially so called psychotics and deranged derelicts like “god-intoxicated masts” are derealized, alias “stoned or god-intoxicated on Self”... with different dilutions and dynamics, even explosion of Kundalini/Derealization
but it is a very rare soul whose mind somehow drifts far beyond
the Pied Piper called god
to “understand” that Derealization is simply sanity's “Self-Realization” -- that is all about: “Absolutely Nothing.”

exactly like the Bhagavad Gita tries to tell us with its Epic Battle at Kurukshetra:
Just like in the song “War”: WAR... what is it good for Absolutely Nothing. So too with Self-realization, it is also good for Absolutely Nothing.

Derealization is like
robbing a child of its fantasy
that adults organize
to appear real.
-- O'no
Derealization is the Self
robbing it-SELF
of its fantasy, Maya, dream
by revealing that this maya is nothing more
and nothing less
than a good-for-nothing hallucination.
-- O'no
“Clinical Depression” is simply the limit of Self robbing it-Self of its fantasy, maya: Depression is simply the metaphorical “Self” not wanting to get back into the agony of its body, not even to “experience” the limits of “War” for Absolutely Nothing.