Wake Up to the Real

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Most of are busy seekers and we search for something called God or Truth or some other name. The others propound another theory which is the opposite of it which is acceptance. To flow with whatever is taking place and accept the good and the bad.

I remain skeptical towards both these approaches because they make a fundamental error. They do not take into account the state of ignorance or sleep. From a state of dream one could have visions of grandeour but it would be just a dream unable to transform. Of course the dream can put things under the carpet so to say. We could even experience a temporary state of relief or even ecstasy but the crash because of the shock that comes from life if we are sensitive enough is going to be rude.

It is important first to wake up and live in a real world before one begins to aspire for greater heights.

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Acceptance is not a theory and is certainly not the opposite of God or Truth. It is a direct and proved way to God and Truth.

Acceptance is simply the undoing of the mind whose fundamental nature is resistance.

When exercising total and true acceptance, you shift to beyond identifications, to beyond the mind and body. Whatever happens does not bother you. Dream, sleep, awakening, ignorance, reality, transformation, bliss, agony, concepts, pain, pleasure - cease to have any meaning.

You just are. Try it, it's simple and powerful, and you will then understand and throw away all analysis. There is excellent material here on the many pitfalls and errors while trying to truly accept whatever is - http://www.gurusfeet.com/category/spiritual-tags/acceptance

shira | Thu, 08/04/2011 - 23:54
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Many I

"Samatavam Yoga Uchyate" or equanimity is Yoga is the famous saying of holy scripture Bagavata Gita. I am well aware of its nuances. I only say that both the busy seekers and those who say that we must do nothing but surrender miss one basic point and that is we are not individuals having a single I but have many I. We expect a person to DO but Doing is the attribute of the person who has a single I. In Gita Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that even if he resolves not to fight the battle, his Gunas (primordial trinity of forces, said to be Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) will not let him do so.

Our conditioning acts as a powerful force and everything happens with a man (like rain falls or wind blows). One could look at Buddhist theory of dependent origination for explanation. Some say its due to past Karma. To begin the real journey one must realise the true state which is sleep and only hard and sustained effort can wake us up. Rest is mere amusement.

joejo | Fri, 08/05/2011 - 01:01