A Vision

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I step into the dream-time,
between waking and sleep.
Before me a limitless field.
Bright, white, drifting snow.
Stalks of corn, or maybe bones
poke up through the drifts.
My eyes throb, burnt by ice
but there's no where else to look
and they will not close.
I hear a voice. Distant.
Dangling in the wind.

'You have been called out of many
to be a prophet for this,
and subsequent ages.
Write down what you see and hear here-
the words will bleed from your fingers
and haunt your nights.'

Another Voice-

'Your name is an abomination
both a blessing and a curse.
You are the father of a nation,
a civilization, and a faith.
This nation leads the world
from darkness into light,
from chaos into order
from slavery into freedom.
They will sail between the stars
and take this message to the edge of time.'

The voices dissipate
left alone, I begin to write.