Vishnu, Living Self

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Krishna appeared to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna was an adult .. he did not have the childlike innocence to take a god-guru to be ordinary, so Arjuna's upbringing made him perceive Krishna to be a god, or at least a Guru.

Thousands of years later Krishna would appear to Papaji regularly, mostly at night ... to the point that he was a pest... but no matter how much of a pest Krishna was to Papaji , Papaji did not have the nerve, courage, to tell Krishna to get lost... so Krishna kept pestered Papaji .... until one day Ramana Maharshi asked Papaji what he was doing. Papaji told Ramana that he was out playing with Krishna.

To this Ramana replied: I AM KRISHNA and then he pointed to Papaji and told him: You are Krishna.

Ramana's simple message ended Papaji's search to see/find “god.” After Ramana made Papaji realize he was Krishna .. the child/pest Krishna never returned.

For the exact same reason Krishna would need the company of Papaji – like a devotee needs the company of a guru -- so too the Goddess of the Ganges also needed Papaji because he could do what she could not.

The Little-girl, Nureal
Just like Krishna kept appearing to Papaji, so too Jesus and Angels, even American shamans and African witchdoctors, and even Hindu Yogis kept appearing to Nureal ever since she was a little girl – Always in both her dreams and in life.

While she lived an ordinary and sometimes hectic life, in her dreams and “astral travels” and visions everyone treated her in Awe, as if she was a Goddess, indeed some of them claimed she was a triple Goddess. Everyone in her dreams-travels took for granted that she had all the answers ... but they also took for granted that because of her mundane life she could not fully realize how much she had all the answers.

Jesus kept appearing to Nureal because the Little-child was special – and Jesus knew it because no matter how much the Little-child cursed him for being indifferent to her horrors he kept returning to be with Nureal just like Krishna kept returning to be with Papaji – just like a devote keeps returning to his teacher, guru.

Those in her dreams/travels knew that Nureal was born to be far more than just a god, she was far more than an Avatar – she was born the Living Self that manifests it-Self as the Hindu Godhead Vishnu.

From the youngest age Nureal knew far more than all her teachers, gurus and even gods could know. And even as a little girl she was exactly like an Avatar: absolutely certain of her authority.

Without ever reading the scriptures, of any religion, she knew them better than did the theologians, in fact she knew more about the gods than did the scriptures and their theologians ... without ever reading a book in science she could argue with her teachers with logic/authority and audacity they could not question. She had the audacity as a young girl to do what has never been done before: lead students on a strike at school to resolve an academic hypocrisy that made the teachers surrender ... but mostly she just knew that magic, like telepathy and channeling always came to her Effortlessly.

From the day she was born her dreams did not just make her into a goddess, and not just a triple-goddess... because not from just one culture or Continent but all Continents – Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa.. her dreams would reveal that she was far more.

From her youngest days Nureal knew that not only did she have a Twin, but she somehow knew that she needed this Twin to be complete... just like Vishnu needed his Twin Lakshmi to be complete.
But the more she tried to find this Twin the more obvious it became that the search was futile.

ONLY when she gave up looking for her twin did her Twin appear NOT in her dreams – but in real life – appear to reveal that since her dreams revealed to her what life hid ... she had to be far more than even her dreams could reveal. Her Twin had all the theoretical authority/proof to reinforce all the authority that made her the Living Self, the Godhead Vishnu, that needed not a guru or god to realize, but her Twin to be One with Self.

-- really, Really, REALLY