Vishnu Cursed

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Unmarried Saint Narad arrived to visit Lord Vishnu,
Seeing the splendor of palaces and his many queens;
He decided to marry the prettiest girl he would meet.
In lust asked Vishnu ji to be the most handsome one.

The Lord laughed and gave Narad a monkey’s face.
Narad brimming in confidence sat in the suitors’ line.
Waiting to be garlanded by the most beautiful girl
But the girls saw, moved away and Narad was sad.

Walking by the stream he saw a monkey face move
Realizing it was his, he became angry with Vishnu.
Cast a curse that he would seek a monkey’s support
When In Trata-Yug he is born as Purushotam Ram.

After the Sat-Yug in Trata-Yug, Ravana stole Sita
Ram in banishment had to seek Sugarives’ to help.


1. Ram=
King Lord Ram of ramayana

2. Ravana=
The ten headed Raksha who stole Sita

3. Sita=
Wife of lord Ram

4. Sugarive=
The Monkey king who with his army of Banars (Monkeys) helped to kill Ravana

Vishnu, Vishnu ji=
One of the three trine Gods

The godly saint who could visit heaven earth as he wished

1. Sat-Yug: Period when Dharma (Religion and ethics) had four legs to stand on.
2. Trata-Yug: Period when (religion and ethics) had three legs to stand on
3. Dwapar-Yug: Period when (religion and ethics) had just two legs to stand on
4. Kal-Yug: the current period we live in when (religion and ethics) has just one leg to stand.