vipassyana meditation-not easy!!

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my experience with vipassyana meditations are that this techniq is not that easy as they tell abt it in the websites and other.
in this techniq there are two courses is a ten day course which is for the newcomers..and other is a three day programm for the old students..
in ten days they reside you in there own place/asram and u r not allowed to contact the outside world till then...he he..
you are given a heavy breakfast and only dinner...well..wot do u say..
i think u should prepare ur mind fully before accepting the programm
i attended the programm in bhopal for ten days and believe me that was my worst night mare..:(
there residance facilities are good but u have to live there totally accd to there own rules for ten days..:-)
meanwhile you cannot READ anything,u cannot TALK with anyone ther and all u have to do is full time whole day meditation...
well my advice to those who are thinking to join that course better think twice about it then only u join it or else u can have a tough time there...:-)