A View / Vision of / On Human Life

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Planet Earth Belongs to All beings & place of experiencing the Dream(s).
Compassionate not pity ( Self or Others ).
Concerned for Surroundings & Environment

Attracts Positive, Optimistic Events / Thoughts / Views.
Enjoy / Celebrate every moment / day / event of life.
Follows / Listens to Inner Voice / Intuition to live the life.
Spreads Love, Divinity, Positivity.
Meditates, Introspects, Contemplates to find way for better living ( Self & Other).
Helps Self & other through acquired Knowledge / Skills.
Support the cause & event good for all ( Books, documentary, movies, poems, music, journals, products, services, destruction of arms, misleading laws ).
Takes the best from every religious books & find the common & best to unite not divide.
Shares the wisdom.
Let Universe work its way by Letting Children get A. The Unbiased knowledge. B. Better Environment to fulfill their dreams. C. The freedom to their creativity. D.Their mind be filled with Love & Trust, not fear.
Respects the Motherhood for giving birth to child & nurturing / caring / protecting them, also Fatherhood, for hardwork / Toil to see his family happy & grow.

Attachments, Superstition, Prejudice, Dogmas, Negativity.
Blaming others for misfortune.
Expectation for returns of good deeds done.
Judging the action but observes motive, circumstances.
Passing the miss-information, false advertisements, gossip, biased news.
Fears of destruction, Hate, Negativity.
Abuse of Self or others for momentary / Materialistic pleasures.

This life is Joyful Journey to Celebrate / Rejoice,
Helping others is Actually Helping Self.
Whatever is asked from Universe, comes through other living beings.
External events are reflections of energy focused on particular thoughts.
Mistakes are part of Evolution but deliberate mistakes are Stupidity or Addiction.
Attachment to Family name, Country, Religion only brings trouble, fear, war.
Everybody is Unique in their way & playing their role.

SEEKS Association with,
Products / service Eco friendly & not using forced labor.
Positive Media.

Peace & Harmony for All beings / World.

Let us Arrange meetings / events, NOT to debate / discuss, but to coach, teach, learn, Exchange, share, with others, Skills / Joy / Wisdom.

www.avohl.com & www.earthling.ning.com
Metta ~ Peace & Harmony For All.

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Essential addition

A great compilation! A good daily reminder!

As we perfectly know from our direct experience, life also includes pains and undesirable events. Ignoring this (e.g. positive thinking etc.) not only that doesn't work but enhances the pains through the suppression and turns them into suffering - therefore I didn't see in your list maybe the most important section: "Accept's".

dabka | Sun, 12/20/2009 - 12:12