Verifing the validity of belief is very much necessary in pursuit of truth

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Seeker of truth has to know what god is? Whether such god propagated by religion exists or not. To know the truth about the god seeker has to analyze his own self by inquiring What is 'I'?
If 'i' is not the physical body ,their claim of such god and their religious belief has not of any value. Sticking to concept of god and blindly believing all religious doctrine as true without verifying their authenticity will not help the seeker to realize the truth.The religion is a toll for illusion management not for unfolding the truth.
Seeker has to verify its authenticity before accepting anything for granted.
FORMLESS SPIRITUALITY will guide the seeker to unfold the mystery

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what is formless spirituality?

what is formless spirituality?

What method does it provide?

Sounds promising...

Annie | Wed, 07/02/2008 - 11:04