The Veil Theory

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There is this wonderful theory called in the Sufi tradition the Veils Tradition which says that the eye of our intelligence is covered by a thousand veils and should Allah be pleased to remove them then the true glory will shine forth.

In fact the Tradition says that there are 70,000 veils. I encountered it while reading Al Ghazali, Mishkat Al Anwar or the commentary on parable of the famous Light verse in Koran.

The author further suggests that the figure of 70,000 merely indicates the numerous veils that separates us from Supreme light.

One of the prominent actors in the great epic Mahabharata was the King Dritrashtra the father of Kauravas who were lead by Duryodhana the eldest son and the Righteous Pandavas. This king was blind (Spiritually too) and did not see the faults of his son and was thus unable to avert the War which lead to colossal loss of lives. Incidentally the famous and sacred Hindu book Geeta starts with Sanjay who was clairvoyant narrating the start of the battle of Mahabharat to Dritrashtra.

Maya or Avidya also veils our intelligence like dust covering the mirror, or smoke the fire and womb the foetus (Geeta). In day to day life we can see how our attachments, prejudices and beliefs act as a veil.

One of the factors that veil our sight is Identification. Gurdjieff held that we are always Identified.

Therefore in Spiritual matters on must have the ability to stand alone and not Identify with any Theory or Belief.

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Careful meaning of identification

"Therefore in Spiritual matters on must have the ability to stand alone and not Identify with any Theory or Belief."

Not identify but also not to condemn and cast aside without inspection. There are so many spiritual people who exploit this truthful sentence to justify their wish to be alone and independent due to their fear of people or due to ego motives.

In other words, identification with a belief or a theory is first of all admitting that it is just a belief, that it is just a theory, maybe a favorable theory but still a theory. Never to claim that he holds the truth because our cognition is always dependent, dependent on the inputs of our senses, dependent on the logic of our mind.

Non-identification also means careful attention to whether we are using the belief for other purposes such as ego, money, self worth, purpose in life, entertainment and so on.

Annie | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 14:19