Vedanta & Gita

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While Vedanta or Upanishads were considered a secret, Teachings of Bhagavada Gita were available to masses. Gita is also recognised by traditional monastic Teachers to contain highest teachings of Vedanta. Approach of Gita is more practical but it has been interpreted by various Gurus in their own way and there is no unanimity. Yet I feel the following two verses give us a fair idea of why we must not rush to think that Aham Brhamasmi or I am Absolute is to be taken literally.

12. Whatever beings (and objects) that are pure, active and inert, know them to proceed from Me; yet, I am not in them, they are in Me. (Chapter 7 vs 12)

4. All this world is pervaded by Me in My Unmanifest form (aspect) ; all beings exist in Me, but I do not dwell in them. (Chapter 9 vs 4)

We must cease our identification with the changing nature i e body, mind and intellect to understand that at the core of our reality is the unchanging Atman or Brahaman.