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Is there rebirth or reincarnation or is there eternal life (immortality) are questions which are linked to mans search for something as noble as truth to something as mundane as security or fear. Answer would depend on what is the point of view of questioner and his level of understanding. Ramana Maharishi often gave a very interesting answer which was to find out if one is ever born.

Enquiry into who is the Seer is probably as old as humanity itself and while the truth of such a quest is truly known only to those who have sincerely persevered, one cannot but resist the temptation to examine the two widely different approaches taken on the subject, one of which has been already mentioned (Ramana Maharishi) and the other is someone who could be acclaimed as most rational and logical exponent of wisdom and known the world over as the fully Awakened or Buddha.

To consider what Buddha said on the subject it will be useful to look at Majjhima Nikaya (MN 109 & MN 49)

The only difference IMO is that while Maharishi's focus was holding on to the Seer, Buddhas was to examine that which was not-self and let go.