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"God created man in his own image. And man, being a gentleman, returned the favour."
-- Rousseau

Gurdjieff gave a very good analogy that all paths are like spokes of a wheel. They meet at the centre but are far apart at the circumference. It may therefore not be a good idea to mix them up.

I want to propose that Vedantic view of realisation (and means) has nothing to do with mindfulness or awareness where thought is absent. Vedanta is not opposed to thoughts as is Yoga or Buddhism which has a lot of similarity with the latter. Vedantic method aims at generating Brahmakara-vritti as against awareness of objects without thoughts.

Brahmakara-vritti could be compared as a match stick which is used to burn the funeral pyre and then itself gets burnt.

Ramana maharshi very succinctly put it that instead of desiring for a state which comes and goes one must find out to whom these states appear.