Various methods of awakening Kundalini

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Dear All
This is my own findings about Kundalini with experimentation on my self.
There are various methods written in anicient books about awakening the dorment serpentile energy,my experiment is with my self.
I did not know much about Kundalini during my early life of spritualism,I just keep on watching my own traits generated from my Chitta.Each feeling is attached to a particular chakra of the body.To unwind a perticular chakra one has to travel with the intense feeling in backward direction or to be one with the feeling without any choise or reaction
The type of feelings may be Love,Anger,dispair,fear,or listening a piece of music.When one is complete choiceless and becomes one with the element of the feeling,one reaches to the center of the particular feeling attached to some specific Chakra.Focusing on that, unwinds that Chakra and the Chakra rotates in tremendous speed in order to realease the good or bad energy stored in Chakra.This way the Sadhak is capable of conquring various moods of mind and attains higher state of consciousness.He also detects the loactions of the various Chakras in the body.
One can not acheive freedome from ignorance untill he clears
all chakras of the body.The chakras are nothing but imprints of past samskaras.
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Awakening of Kundalini

It is the Grace someone thinks about the divine power existing in our Spirit. The Spirit keeps beckoning from the expression of words keep flowing from the Mother. Mother the Divine makes us to exist in this universe; not only we are made but She makes also all objects animated as well as non-animated to exist. She nourishes all these projections in Her own eternity. She wraps all these at the end. She who does all these activities is called Mother the Divine ---- Mahamaya. This My Mother Mahamaya for divine sports manifests further as Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali; respectively She Herself becomes purity, activity, inertia for us to make us puppets in Her divine play. She is Eternal Inscrutable Divine Power, Primordial Energy of the Supreme Consciousness to whom we may, for our convenience, speak as God. This God is first and last element of consciousness who is reflecting in us as our soul and His Primordial Energy (adi Shakti) is reflecting in us as Kundalini-shakti. This Kundalini Shakti is the Divine power of our soul existing in us since the time we came out from the God as souls.

With the awakening of Our Kundalini our spiritual evolution starts. Without the awakening of kundalini we may wander life after life in this creation for the enjoyment of fruits our Karmas which may be either good or bad or mixed the both. There is no end of our journey of death and birth in this universe until the getting of our self-realization through the awakening of Kundalini. Kundalini the Mother takes us away from the cycle of birth and death which means She gives us liberation from the birth and death and this state beyond birth and death is called moksha.

Kundalini system is spontaneous which is the self-auto. Kundalini is Pure Desire of God--- Shuddha Ichha. Kundalini is Pure, Divine Knowledge of God--- Shuddha Vidya.

Kundalini awakens when devotee has pure desire for to get self-realization, pure will for God-realization. For the awakening of Kundalini there is also needed a person/devotee whose kundalini is fully awakened and has at least achieved Nirvichar Samadhi (thoughtless awareness).

Victory to Mother Kundalini.

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