Universe & Spiritual Heart

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Whole Universe could be considered as a Cosmic Sphere (Egg) with a nucleus at the center and everything else revolving round it much like the electrons is different orbitals.

Man too has a core called the Spiritual Heart and he has been thrown out by the centrifugal force and his center of consciousness is located at the circumference or outer Orbitals.

What balances this centrifugal force is the center or Spiritual Heart which like a black hole is pulling everything towards it and on reaching it all distinctions are obliterated.

Man too in His spiritual journey proceeds from circumference to the center. Form the outer to the inner is a gap which is filled by broadening of vision of the pilgrim in grasping inner significance of things. Having grasped the difference between the outer and the inner he gains an entrance into the inner orbital. This inward journey continues till the Man reaches the tangible magnetic influence of the core and having arrived in close proximity a Man could be said to have attained liberation.

In the realm of those who are within the magnetic influence there is a hierarchy for there are those who stand almost at the center and having transcended personal history they carry out the task of world governance. All we can do is to stand in awe of such Divine Souls and be lead by their bright light that illumines the path of humanity from the outer darkness.