Universal Consciousness

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This quote is from an excerpt of a recent satsang. You can hear it on youtube by clicking here. It's nice to listen to while reading it.

Hope you enjoy the quote-

"All and everything is vibrating this.

But the ego wants to impose
its own noise on top of it.

Therefore, the ego cannot hear,
cannot feel
this song that is always playing,
this vibration,
the light that is always shining.

At one level,
that light shines
from the center of your being.

So every apparent individual form
is shining that same light
from its own center.

The fun part is
at another level,
that light shines
from no center.

It shines for all infinity everywhere.
So then there is no fixed point of perception.

So at one level, you have that perception
of still pure infinite consciousness,
pure universal light
shining through and as your form.

You're like the sun
but you have a center
like the sun has a center.

You have no boundaries
but you still have a center.

But at another level,
there's no center.
There is just infinite light.

And you can sway
between the two.

One has a fixed point of reference.
One has no fixed point of reference.

Much love,


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