Universal Brotherhood - 3


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Universe is a play of unity in variety and variety in unity. It is a UNI-VERSE and mot a MULTI-VERSE. It is a cosmos, not a chaos. The Cosmic Heart throbs equally in the soul-temples of one and all. Realize God in the temple of your own soul and you realize God in the temple of the universe.

The ultimate fact in the world is man. The ultimate fact in man is God. The ultimate fact of God is realization through renunciation of shadowy shapes of 'I-AND-MINE'. It is not divining humanity and much less humanizing divinity. Divinity is the Reality of man and man is an expression of Divinity.

The import of the world or world-hood is good neighborliness or neighborhood. The import of neighborhood is manhood. The import of manhood is brotherhood. The import of brotherhood is fatherhood. The import of fatherhood is sage-hood. The import of sage-hood is Self-hood. The realization and expression of the Self-hood, the only Reality on the absolute plane, includes and transcends the brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God of the relative plane.

To behold one's own Self in all things and all things in one's own Self is the very truth and purpose of life, individual as well as collective, on earth.

Let us establish human life on a solid foundation and bring one and all on to a cultural basis to make them embrace one another as members of the great family of humanity (community), realizing the Universal Unity underlying the diverse faiths in the world, and thus let us behold the splendid sight of the many colored lights harmonize into One Supreme Radiance.