Universal Brotherhood - 2


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Hatred, bitterness, insolence, tyrannical instincts and the like in man's nature are more destructive than war machinery. And that should be attacked at the very bottom; man's nature should be transformed and redeemed, root and branch. Man should be self-evident with the credentials of soul-force and soul-light.

Man should not be to man all kinds of beasts: a faithless dog, a cunning fox, a cruel crocodile, a wild lion, filthy vulture, and what not.

The brute in man has to be dug out to become human and in turn the human has to be dug out to express the Divine. This is indeed complete spiritualization of the outlook of mankind and in it lies the solution of world peace.

The sun rises in the morning and the mist is cleared. So also the human nature in man rises and the animality is gone. And again the divine nature dawns in him and the human limitations fall off. The animality and humanity are the finite and passing phases of the world, because the real nature of man is divine.

The world needs today not more drugs but health, not more police but honesty, not more societies but unity, not more nations but humanity and not more doctrines and dogmas but realization of Divinity in man, be the individual black or brown, white or yellow.

It is the pure heart that speaks in the man of love, that serves in the man of action, that enlightens in the man of wisdom and that fulfills the mission of life on earth.

Man may differ from woman, yet they are one as human being. Man and woman may differ from bird or beast, yet they are one as living being. Man, woman, bird or beast may differ from plant, mountains and elements, yet they are all one as existence. There is thus but one Soul throughout the universe. All is Existence Absolute. The only true method of wisdom and action in this world is to be in it, but not of it.

Unfortunately is not universality. Universality is not a totality of all individuals. The true individual is the universal. The true universal is the only Individual.

Universalism is not a dry intellectualism, not a wet sentimentalism, not an empty abstraction and not a limited comprehension. It does not spring up or sprout forth from the spheres of any society, sect, church, cult, creed, colour, community, country and the like, since it cannot be institutionalised.

Universalism is the warm sunshine that spreads its universal heat and rays unto every tree in a grove, making it grow in its own place according to the law of its own being, and thus put forth its own flowers and fruit. Yet it is above the touch and taint of bitterness of margosa tree and the sweetness of the mango tree. The beauty of the universal expression and experience consists in its being felt, realized and declared in, through and beyond everything.