Universal Brotherhood - 1


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The concept of brotherhood became the basis for the integration of the society and pure reason to make the society exists. There is no brotherhood of man without the fatherhood of God. If God is our father, man is our brother. To deny the one is no less inflict than to deny the other. There was only responsibility to god in days of yore, when the world was in its infancy. The present twenty first century talks of brotherhood.

Each one should consider that he is born for the good of the whole. Otherwise the race of mankind would perish for want of manliness in man. The outlook of man has to be spiritualized. Everything manly should have a spiritual basis in order to be enduring.

Brotherhood is the crest and crown of all good. Each has to mutually depend upon the other. Each is a pearl in the garland of society.

The family of humanity is first church on earth for the training of an individual. Civilization with family and family with civilization have to march hand in hand. As is the family, so is the society. A family without a proper government is like a house without a roof.

Individual and society act and react upon other. Advancement of the one necessarily results in that of the other. It is the life of the individual that can truly effect any reform in the society.

Individuals ought not to be judged by their looks, habits and appearance. They are to be judged by the character of their lives, outlooks and deeds. Their deeds ought to praise them better than the words of others. The generality of individuals act from the impulse rather than from principle, educational or social, is the individual it forms. The superior individual is he who develops his physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual nature in harmonious proportions.

Be the true individuality of all apparent individuals. Beneath the many conflicting selves, be the true Self, the center of every personality, the underlying Unity beneath the external variations.

Civilization today looks fatigued. Each nation today seems to hurt after a broken are, missing a perfect orb. The modern world seems to run a mad race of armaments, suspicious of one another's dark designs.

The mutual international suspicion seems to be the most powerful factor in making the world war-minded despite its horrors and the anxiety to avoid it. War is indeed a devilish dance in the hell of man's mid-summer madness. It is a blasphemy of the civilization race of human beings. Man glorifies himself in his practical means to solve the problem of physical life and existence, rather than trusting the Lord to solve the problem by divine means.