A UNIQUE PROCLAMATION by Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj

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A UNIQUE PROCLAMATION by Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj!!!!
Wonders is the way of Vihangam Yoga;
I will initiate thee into that;
If thou practiseth it as prescribed,
I shall verily lead thee to the land of immortality.
Shall level thee up above the base of Prakriti,
And sustain thee in thy real self;
Reversing the conscious force of thy soul,
Shall mount thee upon the regions of pure
And enable thee to pick up the subtlest thread divine.
Over the body-mind system
And the voids therein, sixty eight in number,
I shall install thee;
Experiences are envisioned, the pearls do rain,
And I shall bathe thee in the stream of nectar.
Thou shall be transmuted into the swan in the
Purest form,
And I shall vouchsafe thee the glimpses of the
Supreme Being;
The scenes thereof I fail to describe,
For there neither speech nor intellect has any
That Supreme Lord is infinitely benign,
And I will usher thee into His presence;
Sadafal promises supreme bliss,
And assures thee a deliverance
From the cycle of entrances and exits,
The births and deaths.