Unique Features of Vihangam Yoga Meditation:-

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Unique Features of Vihangam Yoga Meditation:-
• Vihangam Yoga or Brahma Vidya is rooted in “Vedas”. It is a compilation of ancient Rishis’ experiences achieved during their yogic-practices.
• Who am I? Where from I came? Why am I stuck in this world? Where I have to go after leaving this world? We need to find out answer?
• Soul’s consciousness is taken away by Mind & Intellect & gets scattered in the Objects of worlds through 5 sense organs, i.e. 5 organs of perception & 5 Organs of Actions. As a result of actions, all desires never get fulfilled, Leftover desires are known as Passions, Vasanas or Karmfal. They react and produce further Vasanas, which keep multiplying like a Seed to a Tree to no of fruits, to numerous seeds and trees.
• Controlled Mind slowly recoils back Soul’s energy from worldly objects, diverts back to God emanating a state of “Jivan Mukti’.i.e. “Nirvana”.
• All Vasanas get burnt out in yogic-Gyanagni. It begets freedom from bondage of Death & Birth, to enjoy uninterrupted Absolute Divine Bliss. What is Vihangam Yoga Meditation & its Philosophy? Vihangam Yoga Meditation is a spiritual science to attain reunion of Atma (Soul) with Parmatma (God) to enjoy eternal Peace & Bliss. Our “4 Vedas” are the base of this knowledge. Braham Vidya i.e. knowledge of God stands renamed as “Vihangam Yoga” after Swami Sadafaldevji Maharaj in his 17 yrs of arduous Trance, developed a simple Technique of Mind-Control through a short ‘Meditation’ It reminds us that we are neither Body, nor Mind nor Intellect rather Jivatma (Soul) and we have fallen out from God due to false ego & ignorance. We are stuck in this illusory world due to Karmfal i.e. Vasana or Passion. “As you sow, so you reap”. Present vasana creates further new Vasana, thus it keeps on multiplying. This bundle of Vasana promotes cycle of Death & Birth. Our Jivatma has burning desire to return back to the source to regain Godhood. But bondage of Karmfal i.e. Vasana holds back like a strong chain. Vihangam Yoga Meditation comes to rescue. Follow are its preachings: --
1. Vihangam Yoga-practice can control, purify and pacify mind to stop creating unwanted further Vasanas.
2.The process of purification of mind would help to slowly withdraw attention from sensual objects.
3. A sense of detachment would start developing resulting into proportional withdrawal of soul’s energy
4. Higher the Mind-Control, higher the Detachment-level and so higher the withdrawal of Soul’s energy back to Soul.
5. A well controlled mind can succeed in returning back all lost energy to the source.
6. Soul becomes purified as its lost energy called ‘Surati’ is back & further generation of fresh Vasana stopped.
7. With Sadguru’s blessings, ‘Surati’ would become subtler & takes the form of ‘Nirati’ and would get diverted to Parmatma (God) for reunion.
8. Reunion with Supreme-Self (God), means you achieve state of ‘Jivan-mukt’, all Sanchit Vashna get burnt out, and further Karma is free from Karmfal. Is Mind-Control very easy to achieve? Never, Not at all. Mind is like a drunken monkey, like bubbles in the sea-waves, never steady at a point. You meet all its requirements even then keeps wavering. HOW to control mind?
a)Get initiated by any Vihangam Yoga – Updeshta/Trainer for Level-I.
b)Pursue Swamiji’s newly developed Technique for Meditation which is very simple to understand and easy to practice.
c)Practice regularly as explained by Updeshta, minimum for 10 minutes in the early morning & evening both times.
d)Key to succeed early experiences: - Sadhna to be continued with full faith, devotion & surrender to Sadguru.
e)If you follow aforesaid instruction, you might start experiencing the inner pleasure in a few weeks time.
f)Be in touch with Updeshta who would keep you updated/refreshed for no obligation.
g)Try to participate in Sewa & Satsang, success would be at your door. Study of Swamiji’s books & Monthly Patrika is recommended. Keep assessing your developments after a month or so. Mention your experiences only to Updeshta & not to general mass.This learning is divided in 5 levels. First 3 Levels are under physical plane i.e. based on body, mind & intellect. Next 2 in conscious plane i.e. based on consciousness of soul. First 3 levels practice tries to arise awakening in you to get rid of 3 gunas/attributes of Prakriti i.e. Tamas, Rajash & Satva. In Level-4, you are detached from ‘Prakriti” i.e. Mother Nature. You dive deep in Samadhi and gradually experience “Kundalini Jagran, Shushman Prawah” automatically without putting any extra effort. Then succeed “Enlightenment”.i.e. ‘Atma Darshan’/ Self-Realization. In 5thand Final Level, With Blessings of Sadguru, you will have Darshan of Parmatma (God-Realization).Reunion with God. You attain “Jivan Mukti”. Who is Sadguru? What are his attributes? Sadguru (Spiritual Master) is one who can take you from darkness to light by infusing spiritual energy in you & is aligned with God all the time. Also has ability to provide spiritual guidance based on his divine vision obtained in Samadhi. Swami Sadafaldeoji Maharaj fits well, possessing all such attributes. About Shri Swamiji Swami Sadafaldeoji Maharaj comes from Sringi Rishi’s dynasty, born in 1888 in a village Pakri in U.P.(India). His schooling was up to 3rdstandard only but remained engaged in spiritual practices from his childhood. When grew up started going practicing Samadhi. In 1920 while delivering a fiery speech for Indian freedom fighters, he was given rigorous imprisonment for 2 yrs. He kept on preaching Sadhna in jail itself. Later practiced deep meditation in the Himalayas sitting in a cave, now known as “Sunya Shikher Ashram” During 17 yrs of intense Sadhna/Samadhi, all his observations of divine vision, got reproduced in a book in simple poetic style in Hindi. The book is very famous as “Swarved”. Besides, he wrote commentaries on all 4 “Vedas” & 35 Treatise.