Unfolding the Goddess Within

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I would like to inform you about an excellent book titled "Yogini - Unfolding the Goddess Within" by "Shambhavi Lorain Chopra". Shambhavi means serenity (sham) and the beauty of being (bhava) that humans dream about. No wonder that her book is a playground of the immortals where earthly cares disappears like dust. She gathers the blossoms of divinity that live in the cusp of her deep being - her experiences with the play of Shakti arising as inner impulses or inspirations. She expresses her self-discovery in the unprocessed ore of her simple prose that enriches the mind in universality and becomes a compelling transformation of the riptide of the spiritual realm. Her personal experiences in the book become the surging river of contemplation, when we resolve to cross the waters and abandon the limitations of physical existence so that now and then, here and beyond, become the purest of shadows in the harmony of body and mind, stillness and movement, you and me, and the Universe and me.

You may consider joining the Yahoo! Group specifically dedicated to "Shambhavi Lorain Chopra" with the objective to unfold the Goddess within. To subscribe the group, please send a blank e-mail to


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