Unconditional Love.....

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Loving...unconditional, forever love.....

The highest love reaches every atom with unconditional love and connection. This is not just an offering of good will, this is a blazing furnace of deep love for every single soul. Love for no reason and without any expectation of a result. Love your loved ones, but also love your cat or the dog or the sky or the ocean and love them not because they did something for you, but love them really unconditionall, divinely....see the Supreme in the things you love. You might like to imagine the infinite, unconditional love the Supreme has for us as a good starting point.

Reflect on that noble idea that all souls have infinite love within them.

"When you can see the Supreme within all things then all things become appealing."


Suddenly a leaf seen with love becomes an ‘aah’ moment that leaves us breathless and in awe. While the same leaf analysed and dissected with the mind is lifeless and dead.

Most of our relationships begin with this wonderful, effortless and unconditional love - our challenge is to begin our relationship with the Supreme with this love and then to renew it every moment, to expand it and realise that is at the centre of all our experiences of love. Real love is the expansion of our awareness into the love in all things. This love, this energy that flows through all things has a unique and powerful sense, much more powerful than our physical senses that we begin to glimpse in intuition, in meditation.

Being happy....

Naturally, we are all infinitely happy and blissful souls. Our attachment to our grosser mind, emotions and body and our ego is what prevents our clear perception of this bliss. As we know, normally our conditioning teaches us that we need external 'things' and 'events' and even time to find our happiness. This is normal but not natural.

The Supreme is 24 hours all joy, so how can we be otherwise?

Look at being happy as being as important as our meditation, because when you are feeling real joy you are right there in the heart of the Supreme. That is the nature of the Supreme. Be mindful. Watch yourself.

Remember your real nature. You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are not your emotions. What you are really is your soul. All happiness. All love. All joy.

And there is one secret to all this. That it is impossible to be unhappy when you are radiating love.

The real secret is that real joy comes from the flow of love.

"In me and through me You are manifesting Your Infinity, utilising the finite to express Your infinite Beauty, infinite Joy, infinite Nectar-Delight."