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Jai Guru Nimishananda

My namaskaras at the Lotus Feet of Pujya Guruji.

'Unconditional Love' - These words have been lingering within me for a long time. I have definitely experienced this from Pujya Guruji, the unquenchable reservoir of unconditional Love. This constant experience of pure, selfless Love has developed a desire to inculcate this wonderful quality in me. But how? Then I started thinking why is it not possible for me to love everyone unconditionally…. 'Expectations' - yes I expect people to be like the way I want them to be. Mainly I expect them to be nice to me. Even a comment from my loved ones trigger a wave of anger and kill this quality of love. I am unable to accept people as they are, forgetting that Pujya Guruji has created each one of us with a purpose and I don’t have the right to judge or gauge them. My duty is identify the Guru Shakti in them and love them as Pujya Guruji loves us.

Next is my habit of seeing fault in other. Every being is a bundle of positive energy with loads of goodness in them. Instead of seeing this in all, ignorantly I start noticing the faults and short comings of people. Then based on this I judge and gauge them. This immediately creates a wall called as mindset between us and forget uncontional love, I dont even develop a liking towards them.

Now I see Pujya Guruji, the epitome of unconditional love, who accepts everyone as they are; with all the good and bad, faults and shortcomings. Everyone feels so special and important when they are with Shri Gurudeva. Time and again, Pujya Guruji forgives us of all our sins and showers the unending flow of love. No words can describe this.

I pray that everyone experiences this. But experiencing is not enough, we have to pay it forward by ourselves becoming streams of unconditional, reaching out to every soul in need of true love.

I offer all the above at the Lotus Feet of Pujya Guruji and pray that let me be a channel of His divine Love.

Shri Guru Charanarpanamastu.

Jai Guru Nimishananda !!!