Ultimate truth is God, not conceptual belief

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It is impossible to prove the existence of conceptual god by any reasoning; one can only believe or assume. Religionists see vision of god and adepts according to their own impressions remaining in the subconscious from their inherited conditioning. This entire concept based confusion and doubts are present only until the seeker of truth, is not aware of the fact that 'I' is not the self, but the spirit or Ataman is the true self.

On the base of 'I' as self, the person and his experience of the world, his belief of god, are reality. But on the base of Ataman or spirit as self the whole experience of duality is mere mirage. Hence the experience of diversity is created out of one and only substence which is Ataman. And that substence it self is the witness. thus the ultimate truth is the invisible substence and witness of the mind, which is spirit or Ataman.

Therefore only the ultimate truth only has to be accepted as god, not something imagined on the false physical identity.

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GOD is beyond knowledge. HE is beyound known and unknowable.

madan_gautam | Fri, 09/12/2008 - 09:33