Tyagena amrutatvaya!!!

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they asked the master ramakrishna how can u simply explain gita in one word....

he proclasimed...

"tyagena amrutatvaya...."
ie by relinquisment u get nectar..."

he would say if u go on repeating "gita gita gita ..." continuosly u will get "tagi tagi tagi...."

which means relinquish the results to god...

arjuna bowed finally to lord krishna and duly he won the war..so u must know to relinquish results to god..."
and u must relinquish what...the results...

"karmannevaadhi karaste ma phalesu kadhachana"

to work alone u have the right not to the results theirof..."

it means u must work but giving of results is in my hand if u do well naturally i will give better results..."
for arjuna wanted victory but feared the consequences...

and krishna says what to offer...
" phalam patram pushpam toyam ityeva mad bhakta prayachate.."

"fruits tulsi leaves pure water lotus this is what i like most and is offered by my devotees"

"so u must know what ot offer to please which god"

jesus too says "what u want others should do to u do iot unto them..."

with discretion,

bharat matha ki jai...

let bhagavad gita bringforth the golden age of bharat...

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Relinquish the results

This is so beautiful. Thank you Arjunan!

david | Thu, 07/02/2009 - 17:30
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good luck david!

Bharat matha ki jai.

Arjunan | Wed, 07/08/2009 - 21:04