Two Time Lines

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Words are no better than
the lens of understanding
through which
they can be perceived.

The Tao means all things to all people
from christian to Crowley. The question
is whose interpretation would we lean to?
There are two distinct time lines in western
thinking that best illustrate this division
and that would be the rift between Albert
and Leary. If we do not seek to learn
from our own history then we are doomed
to repeat it. Unfortunately we are for the
most part a derivative culture, we tend to
take things at face value according to
our desires based on some personal bias
or preference. Entire virtual realities
are created where like minded souls might
gather and yet we seldom question the real
price for admission. We might say that we
identify with this way or that way of thinking
but do we ever really stop to question our

"However, the seventy-two abrerrant schools, with their
three thousand six hundred deviant practices, all cling to
voidness or stick to forms; these are not studies that can
fulfill our nature and lead to the meaning of life."

I Ching

There are no short cuts where harmony exist.
Building life apart from the conditioned mind
this discriminatory consciusness exist
only in temporal continuity which can not last.
Unaware of the unity underlying diversity
aberrant energy persist.
Physical, psychophysical or mental practice
conserve and circulate energy
taking over evolution
the four signs
strength, flexibility, awareness, and love combine.
This primal unconditioned awareness
the process of internal unification
assembled under the force of will
the five elements are assembled
truthfulness and sincerity harmonize
benevolence, justice, courtesy and wisdom.
Without triplex unity aberranted schools
become fixated on ritualistic forms or
become lost in the void of quitism.
Extraordinary fixations distract from
genuine intent whereby yin and yang
are combined deep within the dragon's abyss.

"In the beginning of illumination, if you immediately
exercise illumination without knowing how to nurture
illumination, your steps will surely go awary; not only
will you be unable to advance illumination, you will
also do something to damage illumination. Only if you
are heedful of this, study it extensively, inquire into
it thoroughly, reflect on it carefully, discern it
clearly, comprehend it completely from start to finish,
and then put it into practice seriously, can you aviod
the fault of going awary. This means to employ illu-
mination it is necessary to first seek illumination."

The Taoist I-Ching

Here are a few thoughts to consider.


Osho, Gurdjieff, Ichazo
ARICA Institute Inc.
Ouspensky speaks?
Sarmoun or Naqshbandi
Aurobino, Patrizia-Bachelte
Rohr and Ebert,
Riso and Jaxon-Bear
or Bennett
Jesuit Ecumenical
Enneagram Study Groups
or Esalen Institute
Who holds the key?
Some say it is
A living symbol
alive in motion
Others hold it
to static form
handy for simplistic
psycological typology
but what is it really?
and why should it matter?
Depending on our propensity

If now is all there is then why aren't we already there?
Perhaps we are caught in our illusion of self importance
and do not see what is at the crux of the problem in this
so called New Age.

Birth of the 'New Age'

Magickal Call to Arms
Lucifer Rising...
Manifesto of the Anti-Christ
Heaven’s Gate
Thelemites continue
to await their
Chaos Messiah
So called
Luciferian agents of wisdom
new forms of gnosis
An end to all
subservile virtues,
and superstitious restrictions
'Outside the Circles of Time'?
activate the occult forces
crack open
the Apocalyptic gateway
and they call this rebirth?
magickal insurrection
Birth of The New Age
what alchemy is
this so-called cosmic
perfection of mankind?
a Thelemic messiah
birth of the 'moonchild'
a *living* female
the Scarlet Woman
consort to the Antichrist
bride of the Beast 666
mythos of Thelema
‘Do What Thou Wilt’
Birth of the New Age
Sisters of Babalon

"For I am BABALON, and she my daughter,
unique and there shall be no other
women like her." -The Book of Babalon
Jack Parsons
aka Anti-Christ Super Star
successor to Therion


“When people can see through everything, look deeply into
themselves, and turn around to set their minds on essence
and life, then in the midst of trance there will be a point
of living potential that will subtly emerge – this is the
creation of strength. If people can cultivate and nurture
this singlemindedly, putting it into practice, persevering
indefatigably, acting so as to achieve their aim, this is
the development of strength. If people can cultivate their
vital spirit and powerfully go forward, so that strong
energy is stabilized, objects do not obstruct them, and
life and death are as one – this is the fruition of
strength. If people can investigate things and attain
knowledge, distinguish what is so and what is wrong and
what is right, staying in what is appropriate and not
deviating from it, this is the consummation of strength.”

“However, in this science there are medicinal substances,
there is a firing process, there is a course of work, there
is intensification and relaxation, there is stopping at
sufficiency; you can advance into its marvels only if you
practice it according to its laws, and develop it with the
appropriate timing. If you deviate in the slightest, you
will fail altogether. If one of the four aspects – crea-
tion, development, fruition, or consummation – is lacking,
then the quality of strength will not be complete, and life
will not be your own. So it is necessary to know this
firing process of advancing yang.”

The Taoist I-Ching

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Threre is ever so little

Threre is ever so little time
for all the things that
should be said... Winston Churchill
once wrote I would have written a much
shorter letter if I had more time...
Once again my words run long as my time
grows short always there is so much more
to do, once gallant efforts had bought me to
a momentary glimpse of peace and tranquillity
hard earned respite snatched away by the hands
of cold irony and fate. So for now i hope this
rather hodge podge of incungruent text will
have to do perhaps there is just this one more
Thought here to post.
Hope to be more engaging in the near future once
current hardships are resolved...

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Great perfect mirror
awakening is
not an idea
but a time when
the knowing essence
becomes manifest

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