Two Paths

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I think Gita basically gives two broad classifications, Path of knowledge and for renunciates and Path of action for others. Devotion, meditation etc are for men of action. Those who renounce do not follow any definite action as they are supposed to have learnt all that is needed to learn and like a ripe fruit that fall from trees have gone beyond societal injunctions.

One of the unique feature of Gita is Swadharma. This is based upon the predominance of the three forces that act in different proportions in each individual and make for four broad classifications. The very nature of force is dynamic and hence they vary during day and in stages of life.

A person while working on himself can change the proportion of these forces and hence man of action would follow devotion and meditation in combination to his duties.

The culmination of the two broad classification of action and knowledge gives rise to surrender in case of the Yogi(man of action) and Identification with Supreme in case of a Gyani (man of knowledge).

Therefore, I find this talk of exclusive paths (four or more) deceptive and wonder if it is an innovation of Swami Vivekananda for western audience.