The two magics

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I'm going to tell you about two magics. They are real magics, phenomenal occurrences that involve the paranormal, phenomenal occurrences that are inexplicable by logic. They might seem as yet another trivial matter presented by some gurus as magic but really have nothing to do with the paranormal, they might seem as if there are explanations for their occurrence, but if you inspect carefully any such explanation you will find out that it is so shaky, that it relies heavily on assumptions and beliefs and that it is there because someone desires helplessly to have an explanation in order to maintain a controlled realistic view of reality.

I warn you: these two magics might seem to you trivial at first, even disappointing, this is partially due to the fact that they are taken for granted. But when you ponder about them seriously you will realize the amazing and inexplicable aspect of them. Give them a fair chance.

The first magic: when you observe something that you are identified with for a long enough period and with a focused attention, the identification suddenly disappears. If you watch your body sensations, for example, your identification with your body disappears for a while. When you watch your thoughts, after a while your identification with your mind disappears for a while. This is a fact, just try it and you will see. Nothing can really explain this phenomenon and actually no explanation is needed because it is an experiential fact that works like a charm. Try it. This fact is the main motivation for meditating. This fact is the underlying reason why meditation is so vital on the spiritual path.

The second magic: when you truly accept something painful that causes you suffering, whether it is mental or physical, the suffering disappears. The pain might continue but you are not suffering because of it anymore, it doesn't have any effect on you as long as this true and complete acceptance is there. This is a fact, just try it and you will see. It is true that the reason for this is that the cause of our suffering is not the pain but actually our resistance to that pain. But still there is no valid explanation why the resistance to pain causes the suffering. This fact is the main motivation for surrender. This fact is the underlying reason why surrender is so vital on the spiritual path.

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This explains a central and unresolved spiritual axiom

Hi Zoya, I don't know if you noticed or meant this at the first place but the first magic actually sheds light on a central and unresolved spiritual and enigmatic axiom mentioned often by teachers:

"Whatever you can observe cannot be you"

There are numerous explanations suggested for this axiom, none is truly valid (see, for example, the fascinating discussion about this axiom in The first magic actually addresses this axiom from the experiential angle.

This is a refreshing breakthrough.

lilian | Thu, 06/20/2013 - 05:19
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Observe and accept - the two magical wings of freedom

Thank you Zoya for putting it so clearly. So many people tend to overlook these two most fundamental pillars on the spiritual path - observe and accept, or shrug them off as trivial, but they are not, they target the most powerful default mechanism of the mind robot: to identify and to resist anything that causes pain. Observe & Accept should be follower continuosly and at sime point you notice that the programming of the mind starts to change.

Dora also put it in a clear way:

shishmanidov35 | Mon, 07/22/2013 - 08:57